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Herbal Medicinal comment

May 11, 2018
  1. Hello, I happened across your site when looking for recipes for my Rangpur limes. I have also looked through at other ideas posted here, very nice site.

    I was looking at another post of yours when I noticed several comments, where it was mentioned that several people were suffering from acid reflux, and IBD syndrome. I am here to say something about both here, but primary from recent personal experience I can say something of great interest regarding acid reflux problems. In the last several months I have had a need for medical services. Primary was to remove a fleshy growth, but I was also having severe upper gastric/stomach problems. The doctor stated that he would have to perform some scope work after taking care of the fleshy growth, and then he gave me a flyer on heartburn with advice on foods and eating habits to abide by. The flyer was produced by the company which makes Prevacid. That would have been the recommended drug to use after the diagnosis was made on the stomach.

    Here is what has happened in the several months since then, as I await the first minor operation. Spring came late in my area this season. Ten days ago I started to shuffle my plants and trees around as Spring had arrived. I have to use a cheap greenhouse to maintain the Rangpur lime alive through the cold of the winter. I place other plants still alive in the greenhouse as well for the winter. I had a German chamomile which survived and is not magnificent in size and bloom. I also had some cilantro. This comment is about the cilantro.

    The cilantro started flowering about 6 weeks ago. Last week as I was moving plants outside, I noticed multiple green berries on the cilantro. Touching them released a strong, attractive fragrance. Intrigues, I picked several and tasted them as I have a strong restaurant background. I though that they may go well with chicken, or with other foods. So I ate several. To my surprise within 10 minutes I felt relief from my severe upper gastric issue. Then I went online to look up a site which had herbal/medicinal information. To my surprise cilantro was listed as having the ability to aid in upper gastric problems, as well as for stomach issues. It also had other benefits listed as well. So I started chewing 2 or 3 berries several times a day. Four days later the acid reflux was gone, upper gastric burn gone, stomach upset gone. Against the advice of the Prevacid diet warnings I could eat a late dinner, drink half a pot of coffee (not actually recommended for sleeping), and then go to sleep soundly. Obviously, I needed to cut my coffee back, and have done so; but the green cilantro berries have aced my stomach problems. I feel GREAT.

    Lastly, when I go in for the surgery next week, I get to tell the doctor that I will not need to take the drug Prevacid, for the rest of my life; nor will I need the invasive gut inspection. Almost unbelievable! I have had to munch a few more of the berries as I still like my coffee. They seem to make me a bit sleepy/tired for a day or two depending on how many/how often. I found myself laying down several times a day, and immediately dropping off to sleep for an hour or two. About 12 hours after not eating the green berries, I then felt awake and strong.

    ps: …I left this comment here as the other post was closed. Also of note, the herbal site also had information on an herbal remedy for IBD. I will look up and add the name of that tomorrow; and thanks for the recipe using Rangpur limes. I got 120 pounds of fruit this last season. …


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