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2015 Missed ENSO Prediction

May 2, 2018

Interesting, and another tough of synchronicity. Just one hour earlier I was on the phone with my brother. I had been explaining the current ENSO state to him. I had noted that in watching equatorial wind patterns over the last month in particular, there had been recent positive changes in the strength of the easterlies. This suggested to me that the wind is likely going to affect the current state of the positive ENSO that could lead to a negating of the growing warm spots. The last 4 days have seen an increase in this pattern, with increasing wind flows coming from the north and the south. The north easterly flow is much stronger. It has been slowly but steadily dropping closer to the Equator. If this continues, then over the next week I would expect a reversal of the building El Nino, and I might get my 3rd forecast correct for a peak in conditions for this month. It is fascinating to watch this unfold.

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