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Harvest Time

Picture 137Time to harvest the Rangpur limes. The tree should be close to putting its blooms on soon. So this is the greenhouse, a double greenhouse as I placed a sheet of greenhouse plastic across the roof which drapes all the way to the ground on this one side. On the one side is two of my younger dwarf peaches getting ready to flower. The big dwarf is in behind the Rangpur.

The honey tangerine trees are placed snugly up against my unit so the warmth from the unit protects them through out the winter.

Image may contain: plant, sky, tree, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor

Comment left at SpaceWeather archive

Interesting, I also come to a somewhat similar prediction with the exception that I think the first spotless days will show up around Nov/Dec of 2026. My approach to this is based on a West Coast flood pattern which I think is directly linked to the solar minimum. This entails that in the winter of 2026/27 the ENSO regions will move into negative conditions, the sunspot count will drop down low enough for the first streak of spotless days to appear just like in 2016/17. Lastly, the West Coast will get hit with strong ARs leading to areas of the West Coast, or the entire West Coast to experience heavy rains/floods just like what happened in 2016/17 when the spillway and emergency spillway at Oroville dam in California were destroyed. A quarter million people had to evacuate from the Sacramento Valley.

I predicted in March of 2014 that the 2016/17 flood would take place along with the other necessary elements of solar/ENSO conditions. I expect the next similar pattern to occur in the winter of 2026/27, meaning that the heart of the next minimum should be in 2028/29 very similar to what occurred over this ongoing solar minimum. Where the solar minimum is defined as the first streak of spotless days up till the point where the sun sparks back up. …

Earthnull pics 12 25 2019

From …,36.41,672/loc=-129.443,42.984

From the top 10 hPa, 70 hPa, 250 hPa, 500 hPa temps, and 500 hPa wind.


earth 10 hPa 12 25 19earth 70 hPa 12 25 19earth 250 hPa 12 25 19earth 500 hPa T 12 25 19earth 500 hPa 12 25 19

Sun/ENSO/Atmospheric Temps Correlation

Now that I have stirred the pot it is time that I redo the original 2015 Sun/Ocean/ENSO in order to have a more coherent and readable story. This will be short for now as I just want to get a page out that makes it easier to grasp what I am seeing. Here are the two graphs which tell the story. The first is Silso’s hemispheric excess ssn graph, and the other is the current MEI v2. …

and Silso … here is the easy part. Silso shows that the south solar hemisphere sunspots become dominant in early 2013 (the last big red spike on the graph), and stays dominant into early 2015. The peak is around June 2014. Now look at the MEI above. It turns positive in early 2014 then the MEI finally reaches its peak around the middle of 2015. Global temps then peak in Feb 2016.MEI ...12 1 18 last one before change

MEI ...1 1 20 Let’s take a look back at the positive MEI which ends sharply towards the end of 2016. That happens because Silso goes ‘green’ around March of 2015. It then takes approximately 8 months for the MEI to move into negative temps at the end of 2015. Global temps plunge swiftly at this point, but part of that would be due to the natural rebound of surface waters in the ENSO regions after a strong El Nino peak. Global temps continue to steadily decline until the ‘green’ necks down in 2017, almost fading away. That is what leads to the slight warm rebound in global temps., imo.

Earthnullschool Puzzle

I use earthnull on a daily basis to observe weather patterns globally. For some reason they made a drastic change to their sst anomaly display on the 23rd of December 2019. Here is what that looks like. The top pic is 12/22/2019, the lower is 12/23/2019. The other 2 pics above are ENSO on the 22nd and Gulf Stream ssta 2 22 19earth Gulf Stream ssta 12 23 19

My Iodine Understanding

Comments made to a friend on FB: …But here is something else which can easily fly below the radar for many people, iodine. My children’s mother recently complained about a thyroid medicine which had been prescribed for her. When I read her post I went to, a useful site for remedies, to look up what they suggested for thyroid issues. There was a long list of symptoms related to this problem. Reading through them it struck me that at least 6 of those symptoms applied to me. Digging around further I came to realize that I was very deficient in iodine, and I knew why. I have always used minimal salt, even more so over the last 14 months due to my damaged kidneys. So I looked at the salt on my shelf, and it was non iodized but was canning salt, which I was I had bought it. Bingo the lights went on. I went to the local store, bought iodized salt, immediately mixed 1/4 tsp to drink. Two hours later I could feel the difference. Then I went back to Herbpathy to find their most effective solution. That was bladderwrack (Atlantic or Mediterranean sea kelp. Went to Amazon found two nice and cheap products, and after 12 days of using more salt, and now the sea kelp products my fatigue, depression, muscle aches, memory loss, slight confusion, etc are gone. The sea kelp is the mainstay as I do not need to be using excess salt.

When they told me 14 months ago that I needed to immediately start dialysis or face death, I then completely changed my diet. I stopped eating meat, and only a bit of chicken. I finally decided to eat prawns as a way to keep protein intake at minimal levels. Then several months ago I didn’t get the prawns. It was from that point onward that my health started deteriorating. The prawns gave me the needed iodine, and that is why I did not feel the issue prior to the last 2 months. This is what I bought along with a sea kelp seasoning. The seasoning needs to be used sparsely though as it is very high iodine content. The pill gives 100% of mdr and was only 8 dollars for 250 pills. I split the pills as I also use some salt in my diet. ….…/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06…

Also eating figs are the number one way to naturally boost your spirits and mental health. Figs contain serotonin, an essential amino acid and brain food. The old saying “Buddha sat under the fig tree and gained wisdom” is a factual statement. I know as I ate figs every day for around 4 months last year off of my neighbors tree, and I could feel the difference. They also alleviate and balance your stomach. Happy tummy = happy mind. I now have my own fig tree, and I will save every fig on that tree to hold me through the year with this essential food item. Otherwise, I could not afford to buy figs.

Addendum Thought on the New Madrid Quakes

Tennessee had a 3.6 this morning. Watch out for this coming winter. This could be the real deal, although there is no way to know the intensity of a potential quake. The danger is that all of the known large quakes occur under current low solar conditions. An interesting offshoot idea from what I see in this is that the JG/U 2K temp graph could potentially be used as a method for finding previous unknown large quakes on the NMSZ.

The older large quakes for which evidence has been found occurred in 300 AD, 900 AD, and 1450 AD. But why not around 540 AD where a steep temp drop which equals 1450 AD can be seen? Or around 420 AD? Or around 800 AD? Or around 1125 AD? Or around 1230 AD? Or around 1340 AD? Those are all sharp temp drops and most likely Gleissberg/GSM cycles. More than that, note how those years would fill in the blanks which would then show a large quake around every 100+ years, ie known 300, then 420, 540, 680, 800, known 900, 1125, 1230, 1340, known 1450. The rest is known 1699, 1811/12, 1895. An intriguing idea, no?