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My Iodine Understanding

Comments made to a friend on FB: …But here is something else which can easily fly below the radar for many people, iodine. My children’s mother recently complained about a thyroid medicine which had been prescribed for her. When I read her post I went to, a useful site for remedies, to look up what they suggested for thyroid issues. There was a long list of symptoms related to this problem. Reading through them it struck me that at least 6 of those symptoms applied to me. Digging around further I came to realize that I was very deficient in iodine, and I knew why. I have always used minimal salt, even more so over the last 14 months due to my damaged kidneys. So I looked at the salt on my shelf, and it was non iodized but was canning salt, which I was I had bought it. Bingo the lights went on. I went to the local store, bought iodized salt, immediately mixed 1/4 tsp to drink. Two hours later I could feel the difference. Then I went back to Herbpathy to find their most effective solution. That was bladderwrack (Atlantic or Mediterranean sea kelp. Went to Amazon found two nice and cheap products, and after 12 days of using more salt, and now the sea kelp products my fatigue, depression, muscle aches, memory loss, slight confusion, etc are gone. The sea kelp is the mainstay as I do not need to be using excess salt.

When they told me 14 months ago that I needed to immediately start dialysis or face death, I then completely changed my diet. I stopped eating meat, and only a bit of chicken. I finally decided to eat prawns as a way to keep protein intake at minimal levels. Then several months ago I didn’t get the prawns. It was from that point onward that my health started deteriorating. The prawns gave me the needed iodine, and that is why I did not feel the issue prior to the last 2 months. This is what I bought along with a sea kelp seasoning. The seasoning needs to be used sparsely though as it is very high iodine content. The pill gives 100% of mdr and was only 8 dollars for 250 pills. I split the pills as I also use some salt in my diet. ….…/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06…

Also eating figs are the number one way to naturally boost your spirits and mental health. Figs contain serotonin, an essential amino acid and brain food. The old saying “Buddha sat under the fig tree and gained wisdom” is a factual statement. I know as I ate figs every day for around 4 months last year off of my neighbors tree, and I could feel the difference. They also alleviate and balance your stomach. Happy tummy = happy mind. I now have my own fig tree, and I will save every fig on that tree to hold me through the year with this essential food item. Otherwise, I could not afford to buy figs.


Addendum Thought on the New Madrid Quakes

Tennessee had a 3.6 this morning. Watch out for this coming winter. This could be the real deal, although there is no way to know the intensity of a potential quake. The danger is that all of the known large quakes occur under current low solar conditions. An interesting offshoot idea from what I see in this is that the JG/U 2K temp graph could potentially be used as a method for finding previous unknown large quakes on the NMSZ.

The older large quakes for which evidence has been found occurred in 300 AD, 900 AD, and 1450 AD. But why not around 540 AD where a steep temp drop which equals 1450 AD can be seen? Or around 420 AD? Or around 800 AD? Or around 1125 AD? Or around 1230 AD? Or around 1340 AD? Those are all sharp temp drops and most likely Gleissberg/GSM cycles. More than that, note how those years would fill in the blanks which would then show a large quake around every 100+ years, ie known 300, then 420, 540, 680, 800, known 900, 1125, 1230, 1340, known 1450. The rest is known 1699, 1811/12, 1895. An intriguing idea, no?

New Madrid Fault Zone 2019 Prediction

This post has to do with the possibility of the next large quake on the New Madrid Fault hitting the Midwest towards the end of this year. I have outlined the main reasons why I have come to this conclusion below. I have spent the last 11 years studying climate related material. I became interested in quakes after the Great Tohoku Quake in March

2011. This is how and why I eventually came to read about quakes on the NMSZ. From there I could not help but notice that all of the large quakes on the NMSZ had a connection. That was that the main correlation is always related to the longer term solar cyclical events known as a Gleissberg cycle, solar grand minima, and the 11 year solar cycle.   both 300 AD and 900 AD are represented on the left side of the pics

The first major quake recorded on the New Madrid was at 1pm on December 25th of 1699, as noted by a French missionary in a group of explorers. This happened during the Maunder Minimum, and also during the latter stage of a solar minimum.  Dec 11th of 1811 was the next of a series of 3 large quakes on the New Madrid. The second quake was on January 23rd 1812, and the 3rd and largest struck on February 7th 1812. This takes place during the Dalton Minimum, and right at the low point of SC 5.

Other approximate years with large quakes on the NMSZ were in AD300, AD900 and AD1450. Now take a look at the JG/U 2K temp graph and see what it shows is happening to global temps for each of those 3 quakes. All three occurred during an obvious down turn in global temps. The year 1450 is a recognized grand minimum. The other two are at the very least a Gleissberg cycle. The one around 300 AD is certainly a GM which looks like it would have rivaled the Maunder GM. It affects temps for around 60 years. The sharp drop around 900 AD is what I would call a quarter note of around 15 years in length, and so likely a Gleissberg cycle. It would be interesting if it the state of the solar cycle could be determined to see if those 3 large quakes happened in the midst of the solar minimum. Other moderately strong quakes were on January 4th in 1843, at the solar minimum, and on October 31st 1895. This last one occurs after the maximum of SC 13 and 8 years prior to the solar minimum. Most recent was on November 9th 1968 two plus years after the solar minimum. An interesting footnote is that this occurs around 3 or 4 months after the peak of SC 20 when sunspots rapidly drop 60% from that peak as seen on Dr Svalgard’s high res ssn graph.  …



So commonality with all of the major quakes on the NMSZ is they all strike mainly in the winter, close to or during the solar minimum, and either during a solar grand minimum, during a Gleissberg cycle, or in the last case after a rapid plunge in sunspots. Which raises the question in my mind is the next New Madrid quake now close at hand and ready to strike in this upcoming winter? If not this winter, then potentially next winter which would place it slightly after the end of this current minimum. It is clear to see that this year 2019 will be the heart of the solar minimum. The solar minimum is certainly low and prolonged as the last one was in 2008/09. In 2008 a moderately strong quake hit on the Wabash Fault Zone, close to the New Madrid Zone. Alternatively the solar minimum at the end of SC 25 will be the next likely timing for a large quake on the NMSZ, if  SC 25 remains as low or lower than SC 24. Does this warrant issuing a warning to the proper emergency agencies to be on stand by alert, and/or to issue a general alert to the population at risk?

Spring Strikes Again

Once again, a eureka moment.
In my last post on my solar/MEI correlation I puzzled over the lack of a La Nina developing at this point of the ongoing minimum. I then proposed two possibilities. Here was the first “Here are several possible reasons for that. First, is this truly the beginning of a Gleissberg or solar grand minimum? Would either of these cyclical solar events forestall a La Nina during the minimum?”.
Then Mal MacDonald questioned my thoughts which made me question “What am I missing?”. Thanks much Mal. Here is the answer. I have the full ENSO record from Hadley which goes back to 1870, and guess what that shows? There are two solar cycles which are similar to what is now occurring and they both happened during the last Gleissberg Cycle in the early 1900s.
Specifically, they are SC 14 and SC15, Jan 1902 and July 1913. This imo, verifies that we are actually in the next Gleissberg right now, and potentially a GSM not too far away. This also gives rise to a brand new thought/potential understanding of what constitutes a solar grand minimum. I’ll leave that to later. My thoughts are on fire. As often happens to me in the spring of every year.
Every other solar minimum in the last 150 years has a La Nina except for those 2, and this current minimum, … MEI  Hadley Center.jpg

Remembering through retelling

Face palm …just read your last comment. That is interesting. So let me share further for those interested. At the end of 1966 I had a visitation from the Holy Ghost sent to me by the Father, or so I have always presumed. I was 16 years of age. All of my life up to that point the only request that I had ever made for myself in my prayers was for wisdom and faith.

So one night there I was in bed. The setting is a large long rumpus room off of the garage which was the bedroom for myself amd my brother. Although in June of that year my brother went to Spain, with my father’s blessing, to avoid the draft as he turned 18 then, and he was a high school dropout. As I lay there in bed about 8 feet to my right was the door into the garage, and to my left about 20 feet away were double windows facing into the backyard.

So after finishing my prayers that night I then started into a meditation period that I had learned on my own. I was just getting into the meditation when of a sudden I was distracted by light. With a bit of grumpy thought “darn neighbor” in my mind, I glanced across the long room to the windows leading out to the backyard thinking that a neighbor had turned on a light, and that was what had distracted me. To my surprise it was dark outside the windows in the backyard. Puzzled, I pivoted my head to my right to peer into the garage through the door which was open into the garage. The garage was pitch black.

Now as my gaze came back to a centered point I then realized that this slightly green, low level light which had now filled the room was entirely contained within the room itself. That is the point where awareness of this light took hold of me. A single thought flowed of its own within my mind ” Jesus Christ I believe in you”. In a microsecond after that was the understanding that the only reason why I had that thought was due to my being raised as Catholic, and that it was completely right to think that.

That was the first of two thoughts emanating from my mind through the rest of the enlightening experience which followed. This slightly phospherescent light then started to steadily grow in strength. As it did so, so began a flow of understanding into my being as I lay there as if made of stone. The first part of the awareness was an understanding of my body from one end to the other. Everything, all functions of the body were shown to me.

The light grew further in strength, and then understanding of all levels of emotions came next. The intensity of all of this was now at an indescribable point. Beyond beauty, beyond the ability for me to share in speech with others. And yet the light still grew further in its intensity, and I was then shown all that comprises the workings of the mind/mentality. there were multiple levels in this step of the experience. By this point I was aware to a level which I had never known before. My awareness expanded beyond my physical self to gradually encompass the entire room. I knew what was in every drawer of the dressers, what was under the bed, what was in the long standup clothes closet against the wall next to the door.

And the light still grew in strength. I was then shown the many different rooms  of the mind, up to the highest part of mentality. It was then that a tremendous amount of data flowed through my mind. I remember at the time in my state of hyper awareness a rate of 10,000 questions from me followed by the answers at the snap of the fingers. This went on for 3 or 4 minutes. Again indescribable, I couldn’t share what I was witnessing (understanding) further than what I am now telling you. Perhaps a few bits and pieces, if we were to talk in person. People have wondered at times in later years how was it that they could sense/feel me when I walk into a room. For example, entering my favorite bar after a day’s work, an Irish bar in San Francisco. I sat at one end, and I heard someone at the other end say to his friend “How is it that we can feel this guy”, his exact words. More than once someone has exclaimed “Get out of my mind”. They didn’t state that directly to me as likely they didn’t want to sound somewhat crazy, but they spoke those words. I knew that they meant me.

ps: in 2011 when I moved to the Trinity River where I still live today an understanding came to me that the flow of questions and answers back in 1966 was as if a huge downlad of data was streamed to me. I had never thought of it in that manner before. I also had several other realizations at that time of events from my past.

But back to that night. At the end of being shown the highest levels of the mind ( here is where the story gets very very strange in the telling) I was taken out of my body, out of my room and the house, and off into space in the grip of the Light of God. We went out into space leaving the solar system in a line through the north pole of the Sun. This took us out of the solar system and into interstellar space along the plane of the ecliptic. My vision at this point was omnivision. The most amazing part of this was seeing all of the stars. They were everywhere, countless stars near and far. In all directions, and which I could envision all simultaneously.  I could see where we were heading, and I could see the solar system, our Sun, fade away behind. To where it finally became just another star.

Our path was along the galactic plane heading in the direction which the solar systems tracks in. The destination appeared to be a red nebula far ahead, slightly below and to the right (outside edge) of the galactic plane. It would be difficult to estimate the distances involved, but perhaps around 6 to 8 degrees of the galaxy to the red nebula. Part way to what appeared to be the objective I realized that I no longer knew which star was our system. Shortly after that I finally had a second thought enter my mind “Father if we go any further, then I will never go back”. With that thought I was immediately taken back, and into my body in my bed. Then I was once again looking at a now very strong light still filling the entire room yet not illuminating any part of the pitch black garage to the right of the bed. Then gradually the light slowly dimmed until it faded away leaving me in an exalted state which remained with me for around a week afterwards.

A remembrance from early on in the experience, actually I did have 3 thoughts now that I am retelling the story. After the thought “Jesus Christ I believ in you” came this understanding/thought “The Light was all of me and everything, but I was only a part of the Light”.


Correlation between MEI, UAH, and C4 study vs GISS

The C4 graph is from a post made on Science News. I noticed right off that there was correlation between this graph, satellite temp graphs, the MEI, and sunspots. For this post I am referencing the correlation between the C4 study graph, the MEI, and the satellite monthly graph from UAH, although the RSS monthly would also fit in as equal to UAH, as the temp profile is the same between the two.

The goal of this exercise is to show the disparity between the GISS temp graph and UAH/RSS, and the C4 graph. The comparison between the C4 and UAH graphs will use the ambient air trend line shown on the C4 graph. The C4 graph starts in the year 1999. The MEI is at -1.1C, and UAH in 1999 is sitting below the 0.0C trend line for most of that year. In early 2000 the MEI rises off of the low and turns slightly positive. UAH correspondingly rises off of its low, and also moves positive. The C4 graph rises as a result in 2000. Entering into 2001, the MEI again moves from negative to positive, and UAH does the same. The result for C4 is another step up in the growth rate of the C4 grasses.

In 2002/03 the C4 drops in both years. The MEI starts positive, then drops through the first 5 months of 2002. After which the MEI rises to 1.2C in the second half of 2002, and into 2003. Mid 2003 UAH shows a drop, and the MEI also drops in mid 2003. This appeared to contradict my premise until I looked up temp data for Minnesota where the C4 study took place. In both 2002/03 temps were below average in Minnesota. That explains the drop in growth for C4 in 2002/03.

The C4 graph then moves up for both 2004 and 2005. The MEI also moves up steadily all through 2004 to a peak in early 2005 before dropping off in 2005, and ending negative at end of the year 2005. UAH starts 2004at a moderately high peak then plunges globally by mid year. Minnesota bucks the global trend once again and stays warm through 2004. Global temps rise in mid 2004 and all through 2005. The C4 plants thrive with the warmth as a result. Then in 2006/07/08 the C4 graph starts down in 2006 and plunges in 2007/08. This is the solar minimum entering on the scene. The MEI moves negative through mid 2006. Then rises to a peak through the fall/winter of 2006/07. You can see that the UAH follows all of that as it drops early on in 2006 before eventually peaking in January 2007.

Now the plunge starts. The MEI in early 2007 plunges to -1.4C into 2008, while UAH also plunges from January 2007 through to mid 2008. The C4 grasses drop to their lowest point on the C4 graph as a result, cold kills. C4 then rises a bit in 2008 and 2009 as the MEI moves from negative to almost positive in late 2008, and then spikes through all of 2009. UAH moves up in late 2008, drops through early 2009, and then rises steadily for the rest of 2009. In 2010 C4 rises slightly above 2009 and drops a bit in 2011. Both years are still at a low on the C4 graph. On the MEI 2010 starts at an El Nino peak then quickly plunges to 2.0C by around May. The La Nina then lasts into early 2012. UAH peaks high at the start of 2010, then falls steadily to negative temps by early 2011. Again the C4 graph follows all of this as the C4 growth rate stays minimal through those several years.

Finally, starting in early 2012 the C4 graph starts a steady climb for the next 4 years through 2015. Both the MEI and UAH clearly show why that happens as the next large El Nino is now in the pipeline working its magic around the globe. The very last piece of this story is C4 drops a bit in 2016 as the MEI moves off of the El Nino peak to a slight negative at years end, and the UAH drops rapidly from the highest peak on the graph in January 2016 shedding 0.6C by May 2016. So as you can see the C4 rate of growth dances in unison with the ENSO regions and UAH global temp changes.

Conclusion and main purpose of this exercise, The GISS LOTI graph (not shown) does not show the same correlation with any of the above. The GISS graph shows a steadily rising temp profile from around 2000 onward through to 2017. Note that neither the C4 graph, the MEI, nor the UAH graph show a steadily rising graphic profile between the years 1999 to 2016. The only conclusion which can be made is that either the 3 graphs (C4, MEI, UAH) are wrong, or GISS is wrong.



UAH_LT_1979_thru_April_2018_v6.jpg JPEG Image 2340 × 1350 pixels Scaled 70

My Mongrel, Rikki Tikki

Rikki was 6 months old in this picture. He was a king of dogs. I could walk him, and his mom in San Francisco with no leash on. They knew exactly what I expected of them at all times.Rikki and Me