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ongoing story

Years ending in the number 6 have mostly held significant meaning to my life. That begins with 1956 as a 6 year old where I first started to become aware of a presence that would occasionally come near to me. I was afraid of that presence for the first few years, and would hide under my covers if in bed. Gradually, I lost my fear as I became older. I also began to notice this presence not only at home in the evening, but elsewhere such as in the classroom or while walking down the street. Later on in my high school years, I began to wonder if this was my ancestor, St Theresa of Avila, watching over me. Many years later I came to firmly believe that it was indeed my ancestor.

Towards the end of 1966, God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to come and enlighten me. I was then 16 years old. All of my life up to that point when I said my prayers, the only request that I ever made for myself was to ask for wisdom and faith. On that night when the Holy Spirit entered into my room after I had finished my prayers, my prayers were then finally answered. I received that which I had requested. The funny part about that was it was only 4.5 years ago when I moved up to the mountains of Trinity County Ca that the awareness came to me that it wasn’t the gift of faith which was given to me that night. I had received the gift of no longer needing faith to know that God is real. I still retain faith in regards to the workings of God, as that is something that no man can fully encompass in their thoughts. As you might imagine, I could write a short story on the full experience of what happened that night.

From there I now take you to 1976. The year where I faced death 3 times where I could not see how I was going to survive the moment. Further at the end of that year I was separated from my wife and two children. That was begot of my foolishness, ego, and youth. I paid dearly for that as it led to divorce. The first should-have-died-moment was around June 6th of that year. I could research that as an accident report was made at the time as well as an insurance claim. Thereafter, the next close call was 2 months later in early August, and the 3rd close call was 2 months later in early October. The totality of this now reminds me of your summation of 3 events followed by a 4th event.

The year 1986 saw me recovering from getting struck by a vehicle in SF while crossing the street. In September of 1986 my family opened a new restaurant in a great location close to the theater district of downtown SF. It looked like good times were finally here, and a renaissance for me. At the very end of the year, a beautiful woman who I had seen in my dreams many times as we stood on a hillside in an unknown land came in to look for work as a waitress. I was completely taken by her beauty, although I did not immediately make the connection between her and the dream which I had first had at the end of 1976. Then it finally dawned on me what I was looking at. She was from Ireland. That made complete sense as in the dream which I used to have I knew that I was standing on foreign soil on that hillside. I could tell as the vegetation surrounding me was unfamiliar, and the scent of the air was very different. I knew that it was not in America. Unfortunately, mistakes in my past led to our not connecting although both of us felt a bonding connection. Yet to behold a dream walking into my life was quite a gift on it’s own merit.

Next up is 1996. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, this year starts out with two events in the first month. The first I have already fleshed out as a prophetic understanding. Here is the 2nd. Towards the end of the month of January I awoke from a pleasurable dream. When I say awoke, I mean that “I” awoke while my body remained in sleep. I knew that I was laying in my bed, but what I was looking at was as if I was looking from the back of the inside of my brain forward. I could see all the pathways of my neural network. It was like looking at a very complex road map with highways and ancillary roads leading to the different regions within the mind. There were specks of lights, as if headlights on a road, traveling the multiple pathways. It was rather quiet overall, but that makes sense as my body was still asleep. After viewing this wondrous vision for a bit, my attention was then drawn to a pear shaped object lower down in my field of vision. This pear shaped object was glowing white hot with energy, and with that the understanding began to flow. I will only describe one of the primary understandings. That is that this was all being triggered by the current position of the Moon. Then all of the pieces came together that after 6 full years of celibacy on the 6th day before the Full Moon in the year 1996, I had finally gained understanding of a mystery that I had read hints about through several sources over the years. Once again I was experiencing an incredible enlightenment. In the years following this I always knew when the 6th day of the moon was. In recent years this has shifted though, and so far I have no understanding of why this would be so. Perhaps now that your thoughts have so stirred me to awaken to higher thoughts, I may come to an understanding of the change. Now for the final thoughts.

At the end of 1996 my family lost the lease on our downtown restaurant which by then was close to a 4 million dollar a year business. We were much liked by many. A crooked lawyer had stabbed my father in the back to get the lease from us. My father then talked me into leaving San Francisco to move to Marin County where he had gained a great prospect for our next establishment. I moved to Novato around November of that year, where in early 1997 I walked out onto the back porch to smoke a cigarette in the midst of the great storm which I had predicted in January of 1996, only to end up speaking a quiet prayer and bearing witness to the end of that storm and comet Hale Bopp falling through the northwest sky. I will leave it there for now. Although that is not all as this journey is still ongoing. Except that I now firmly believe that I am part of the story of which you write about.


ssn chart


@ lsvalgaard….i downloaded this on May 30 of last year. You had posted it during comments. It is the highest resolution sunspot chart that I have ever seen anywhere. Although it would be nice to see it with a little extra spacing on the time axis. It is hard to judge specific months, especially during the minimum where they sit close together.

The Spirit of the Atlantic surveys his realm.

wv-l water spiritwv-l huricanewv-l intense water cell

I saw the outline of a face in the upper picture and named it the Water Spirit. The picture shown is from 36 hours prior to everyone seeing hurricane Sandy. If you look close you can see Sandy in its infancy. Note how it appears that the Water Spirit has its left arm outstretched and pointing right at where Sandy is being born. The other two pictures show the further development of Sandy.

comments to keep how this is only the 4th wettest winter that the UK has experienced, it seems disingenuous to think that statistics and or models will lead to a better understanding of the future vs combining modern maths with historical records and data. In this article the assumption is automatically made that this current wet cycle is induced by human aided changes to long term weather patterns. Yet looking at the long term data sets where it can readily be seen that heavier rainfalls have occurred in the past, how would this article then justify its position of human influenced changes in rainfall patterns? I agree that man has changed the landscape around the world, and I would also agree that those land use changes lead to regional changes in the water cycle and local temperature changes. Some of that will have some level of impact on the overall system. In the US, the Dust Bowl was a prime example of how man caused changes can combine with natural weather patterns to induce a much more severe event. There are also examples from thousands of years ago where nations detrimentally impacted their society through heavy land use changes. Aren’t we supposed to learn from the past?

Yet for some reason this article thinks that there is a need to leap to the conclusion that everything heading our way in the future will be catastrophic. That there is no question that every rain, every snowfall, every cold day, every hot day, every shift in the ocean and so on, has come under the influence of human changes to such a degree that there is a need for immediate reaction to abate the unknown future disasters. That makes no sense to me. Especially, as it should be obvious to all that the severe changes which some would like to implement will lead to large negative consequences for the population of this planet. The poorest of that population will be the ones to suffer first, if the radical changes which have been proposed are undertaken.

soliton wave in the Pacific

what drives this wave. Is it an independent structure that could be driven by centripetal forces of the global spin and somehow becomes free from other oceanic forces and attractors? and I just looked up the word soliton, my brain functions are working.

Further thoughts. …so what would set this process in motion? How often do they occur?

ps…if anyone is wondering what this little post was about, it had to do with seeing someone use the word “soliton” wave in a post at WUWT. There was no definition given to the word, but there was a few clues that led me to think about what the process might entail. What I first wrote above was the first thoughts I had as I tried to define what the word could mean. Then I looked up the definition and saw that I had come to an accurate description of how a soliton wave worked, in large part. I actually had several other thoughts and they were also correct. Because I had looked up the definition prior to writing them down, I didn’t add them in with my first thought that starts this post.

grand minimum

Interesting topic, I would rate the catastrophic global warming argument as the number one dangerous science fraud that we have ever been confronted with. The potential for harm to many is huge. There are two sides to this. The first is economic. The amount of money that is being wasted worldwide on the great climate unknowns is staggering. That same money could have been used in practical down to earth applications which would have benefited many, and would have continued benefits over time. As it is only a small portion of the money thrown at the climate change issue has real value. Most of it is wasted value.

The second looming danger stems from the strong probability that a solar grand minimum is near at hand, around 6 years away +/-. The Sun is currently showing changes that modern

technology has never witnessed before. This is a first for all of man,s great sensing equipment in space to record and then analyze. Here is the rub though. All major governments of the world are caught up in the catastrophic global warming lie. All of their efforts are thus faced in the wrong direction if a strong global cooling takes place. In the past these grand minimums have always led to hardship for mankind. With today,s technology and resources, there is no need for a grand minimum to be as serious a problem as it was 2 centuries earlier or in the ones prior where the event killed many due to crop disruptions, and the fact that cold is hard on life forms. Yet if we have our backs turned away from the potential for cooling, then the cooling can impact us with greater force. There are some people in the world who see this as a good thing in that it could lead to the deaths of many. To those people such a solar grand minimum leading to a reduction of worldwide population is seen as a blessing. To those who will suffer and lose their lives during such an event, they surely will not look upon it as a blessing. The big unknown is how deep will this next grand minimum be. This is an unknown factor. However there is reason to believe that it could reach a Maunder Minimum level of cold. Look up the Maunder Minimum to get some understanding of the consequences. One can also read about the other grand minima throughout history to see that society has been impacted by these events many times before. The fall of the Roman Empire happened during a gm. Napoleon,s massive army was defeated by the Dalton Minimum in the early 1800s as he marched through Russia. There were very few survivors to make it back to France. Interesting how these things work.

A short look back at major cross roads

I awoke a short while ago from a bit of restful sleep. As I lay there a stream of thought entered into the forefront. A piece of a puzzle that had been missing became clear to me. I started to go back to sleep, but realized that I was not likely to reenter sleep at this time. The thought had been too stimulating. It had keyed me upward. Then as I thought further about the experience, I came to the decision that I should tell this story, as for too many times in my life I have let  things that should have been said or done unfinished. Some of these pieces that were left unfinished had negative consequences for me and for others at times. I regret some of those consequences deeply to this day. I will start from the beginning.

All of my life from an early age, I have been aware of change/s. That includes change within me, changes in society, and changes in nature at times. The first awareness of change was in 1956. I turned 6 years old in May of that year. Around that time was the first inklings of a different stream of thought from within. That summer, which followed the great flood of 1955/56 in the Pac NW, I learned my first observable lesson of what nature can and will do at times. It can cause large changes. In this case a wonderful redwood stump fort alongside of Lagunitas Creek in Samuel P Taylor Park had been a victim of the winter flood. This would have been the first season where I was to be allowed to join the older boys and play in that fort. Now it was but a shell of it,s former glory. It wasa harsh yet clear lesson about the power of nature and that nature changes the natural world. The second part to understanding change in the years 1956/57 was that I had started to become aware of changes within me, of changes within my awareness and mentality. This was shortly after the solar minimum

The second point of advancement in this process came in 1966. I turned 16 that year. This was the year after the great flood of 1964/65. Which was also around the time of the solar minimum. In the years prior, I had been steadily working towards increased understanding of the spiritual side of myself. I had made good gains along the way by this point in time. Working together with my brother the two of us were on the dge of discovery. The main factor in this was that which was in me. I was the catalyst, but added to that was the strength of love and trust that brothers can sometimes have. We shared that love and unbounded trust. Then, all of that came to an end. My brother tirned 18 that year. The Vietnam war was was rapidly escalating and my brother was a dropout. He made the choice to leave the country. He went to NY and then on to Spain. I was devastated. I wanted to go with him, but he pointed out that our parents would have also been devastated, if I had also left. I could understand that. Yet now my partner, my key to further progress on the path had been taken from me. The last two years of high school saw a drop in my grades as a consequence. Yet because I had made so much progress on the path, in an honest truthful search I was given an unexpected wondrous gift. At the end of the year of 1966 at the age of 16 the Holy Spirit came to me one night. Up to that point in time in my prayers, I had always asked for two things for myself. I had prayed for the gift of faith and for understanding/wisdom. Both of those requests were filled at the end of that year. Although, the gift of faith turned into the gift of no longer needing faith, as understanding replaced the need for faith. That is how that works. Then early in 1967 there was another major understanding/gift that had correlations to one of my ancestors, St Theresa of Avila, Spain.

The third point of change came in 1976/77. This was the decade where the 9 year flood cycle was broken.  That is the time of the climate shift to warming. In that year I faced death three times, where I did not see where I would live through the next minute/s of my life. Obviously, I survived all of them. The first event occurred around 6/6/1976. There would be a record of the accident to pinpoint the exact day. Part of what caused the accident was due to the drought from the previous winter. That evening there was a light rain, which was the first rain in 7 or 8 months. The other part to that accident was due to my drinking. Six people had died going off at that same spot on the Klamath River where I went off. My one thought as I went off was  “goodbye baby”. Then 2 months after that in August, and 2 more months once again in October, the other 2 near death moments occurred, one from being in a runaway truck loaded with lumber, and the other from being chased down a mountain by a 50,000 pound rolling pin of Ponderosa pine. I should have never told my wife about the rolling pin. She insisted that I stop working in the woods, but we needed the money. As a result she took the children and went to Sacramento in November of 1976 to stay with her parents in protest. In one of the greatest mistakes of my life, I called an end to our marriage. In the beginning of 1977, I had a very unusual aware dream. Part of that dream comes to meet me in 1986. This was also the years around the solar minimum.

The 4th point of change happens in 1985/86. There had been a heavy rain the year before, around the solar minimum. I had been run over by a vehicle in SF and had my right arm and leg broken in multiple places. Then at the end of 1985, there was a chance for an upswing in my life. My family opened a new restaurant. I went back to work as the kitchen manager, which I was very proficient at. Although we were soon faced with bankruptcy right away from problems elsewhere with the restaurants we had. I worked like a man possessed, which helped me heal and re-strengthen my broken body. In 1986 a lovely woman from Ireland came to work for us. She was the woman who I had seen in my aware dream in early 1977. The fact that she was from Ireland made complete sense in that my dream took place on foreign soil. I knew that it was foreign soil by the vegetation and the smell of the air during the aware dream. Ireland thus made complete sense to me, and brought wonderment to me once again as I thought ‘how could this be and why?’. We survived the bankruptcy.

The fifth point of change came in 1996/97, the year of the semi biblical flood in No Cal and So Oregon. In January of 1996 I had an unbidden thought come to me that there was going to be a huge rain coming with the next winter. I then told quite a few people about this, because the thought came from a certain spot within me. Thoughts that come from this spot, come to pass or are correct in what they show me. That is why I was telling others about the premonition. I had never foretold a weather event before in my life. This was a first. In the fall of that year we had lost the valuable lease on our SF theater district restaurant. This was due to being stabbed in the back by a scheming lawyer. Once again the future had become tenuous for me. The winter set in and a semi biblical rain event occurred. My father had a great opportunity to acquire a lease option on a 2 acre property in Marin with an existing restaurant on it. Prospects seemed great, except there was a question of money. My dad struggled to raise the funds to do a full renovation. I suggested that we just spruce up the place and open the doors. He was not willing to do that. Later in 1997 I moved in with my folks into their Marin house. My dad was trying to play options to raise money. he had a partner who showed him how to get away from using brokers by going online. Being that I was now living with him, he told me one morning that I was now going to learn about the stock market. Throughout my adult life he had tried to get me interested in the stock market. He figured that my gifted mentality could aid him in this endeavour. So here we were. After 6 days of listening and looking over his shoulder, I told him that I could make sense of what I was seeing. So he gave me the go ahead to make a decison and place an order. He had about $36,000 left. He said that I could use $2,000 for myself and he would follow with the rest. I made an SP 500 move that was the opposite of what he had been thinking. I explained that I saw a good spot for the next 48 hours. In 36 hours my $2,000 had increased to $12,000, and his closer to the money option was now worth $290,000. He had gained over $250,000. I said sell and he said wait one more day and it could be a million. I again said sell and he then said ” so the student is going to teach the master?”. The market reversed. He still made about $20,000. My 12k had gone back to the 2k of his money, and that was it. He had killed the golden goose. Shortly after I moved to Oregon to stay with my younger brother. That was also the year of the solar minimum.

And now for the elusive 6th point of change. I had never connected the dots to see it prior to my waking up several hours ago. The years are 2006/07. In 2006 I  was fired from a good job by my boss, who was a ‘master’ at everything he had ever read or thought about. The job was color matching paints and stains for refinishers and contractors, and I found it fascinating. I had no experience at it, but soon became very good at it. In the 2.5 years in which I had worked for him I had produced 2,600 successful color matches/formulas. However, as usual, there was a problem right from the beginning, which stemmed from a lawsuit between him and a partner who shared the other half of the warehouse they had purchased together. His ‘partner’ in the building was crazy enough to the point where I brought my gun to the warehouse and kept it there. Shortly after being fired in August of 2006, I woke up one morning to find that I could no longer see out of my right eye. I lived like that for 5 years, afterwards. I soon took a job though, as a crewman for a standby for oil spills in the Carquinez Straits area around the refineries there. It was a 24 hour sit by job in a building at the end of a pier. That winter in 2006/07 there was a heavy rain where the waters of the Sacramento River actually cut us off from the land for about 4 days. It made one a bit nervous to feel the sway in the wooden pier and the building. We had boats ready for escape, if necessary. The years 2006/07 were the end of the warming. The solar minimum was the following year.

That now brings me to my last thought for the evening or early morning. I have already stated more than once at different websites that the next California flood should be due around 2016/17 or perhaps 2017/18. Now after looking at the above record of how years ending in 6 have been the dominant turning point throughout my entire life, then I would have to predict that 2016 is a high probability year for the next point of change in nature and perhaps in myself. I can well imagine how strange all of this will be to any who read this. I would find this thought strange, if someone else presented it. Afterall, I am a skeptic as most here are. In fact without being skeptical from my early years, I could have never achieved the gains that I made in my spiritual growth, as they would have been built on a false foundation. Feel free to make any comment. I stand by what I wrote here. I feel very clear and strong minded at this time.

About 6 years ago, I had started smoking weed on a regular basis as something was causing me terrible sleep problems. I had lost several jobs because of the sleep problems. The sleep problems ended when I left the town of Benicia and moved into the mountains. Curiously, my blood pressure which had become high for the first time in my life while living in Benicia, also returned to normal within several months of living here in the mountains. Who knows why? Eleven days ago, I made the decision to clear the fumes from my mind. I want my full mentality back so that I can take the next step in re-educating myself further. I thank the many here who have shared great thought on this site and who have thus aided me in this endeavour. I am also very serious about this conversation, and the implications that it holds for the future well being of the world at large. The last coherent words that my mother spoke in her last day were to me. There were 6 of us visiting in her hospital room that day, three of my siblings, my father, myself, and a family friend. I was sitting on her right side. My mother was lost in her mind for the most part due to the morphine, which she hated. Suddenly, she reached over and grabbed my arm with what must have been all the stregth left to her weakened body. She looked straight into my eyes and asked ” Are the children safe?”.  What could I say? I am an honest truthful man. Yet I had to answer back to my mother ” Yes the children are safe”. Then she drifted back into the morphine and random thoughts. That was her last day on Earth.