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Earthnullschool Puzzle

January 14, 2020

I use earthnull on a daily basis to observe weather patterns globally. For some reason they made a drastic change to their sst anomaly display on the 23rd of December 2019. Here is what that looks like. The top pic is 12/22/2019, the lower is 12/23/2019. The other 2 pics above are ENSO on the 22nd and Gulf Stream ssta 2 22 19earth Gulf Stream ssta 12 23 19

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  1. I mentioned this over at WUWT the other day. Here is a response someone left which explains the ssta change “…They recently changed the source of the SST data,
    from: RTG-SST / NCEP /US National Weather Sevice
    to: OSTIA / UK Met Office + GHRSST + CMEMS ……………………………………………….”.

    So I would assume that the UK Met uses a different baseline for their sst anomaly, and that explains the radical change. Will have to look that up. Still wondering though on the 4 C temp jump on sst temps in a location in the North Atlantic. It did that in 2 days. I have watched sst’s daily for the last 5 years, and have never seen the ocean temps change so fast. In fact, it has been a good learning lesson in observing how the oceans maintain a stable temperature profile over time. Where one area/region may cool slightly, another area/region warms slightly.

  2. So after further thinking about this I overreacted. One thing which this brings up is the level of distrust between those who believe in agw, and sceptics who disagree with the CO2 premise. There have been questionable alterations of past data for one. The thought of manipulation comes to mind too readily.

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