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November 22, 2015
I write this here to see if Huff Po is going to censor my comment. 
This analogy of comparing diabetes and CO2 in the atmosphere has no meaning. CO2 is a life giving gas. Since CO2 has increased in the atmosphere it has aided in a greening of the planet as can be seen through the satellites which monitor our planet. Nor is there any danger or potential threat as of yet from the small continuous rise in sea levels around the globe. The current rate of SLR would have to triple before it would constitute a problem. If that happened, it would then take at least 50 more years before some spots around the globe would feel a first impact.
The warmer ice free Arctic back around 3+ million years ago was due to the gap where the Isthmus of Panama was still open to the Gulf Of Mexico and thus to the Atlantic Ocean. Warm Pacific waters would flow through that gap, and then make their way into the Arctic Ocean. That is why the Arctic had higher temps than today. The same event can not take place now.
We are all most likely going to feel the beginning of a cold trend starting by next winter. Although there is some indication that this is underway with this approaching winter. We shall see on that score.

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  1. Funny, I had to get tricky for my comment to show up with the original comments at Huff Po. They are devious these days.

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