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ssn chart

July 12, 2014


@ lsvalgaard….i downloaded this on May 30 of last year. You had posted it during comments. It is the highest resolution sunspot chart that I have ever seen anywhere. Although it would be nice to see it with a little extra spacing on the time axis. It is hard to judge specific months, especially during the minimum where they sit close together.


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  1. You might be able to load the image into a photo editor and simply stretch it, but those gobs of low values at the bottoms of the ssn troughs probably won’t separate. It is a great graph and I just downloaded it myself. Leif would probably give you the data if you wanted to replot it yourself…

    • Yes, it is a very nice chart. I call it the elegant chart. The visual aspect of it is top rate. I can understand why He did not add more features such as background grids or an upper gridmark so that it would be easier to see where points are vs the time frame. I use the preview to study it, and that allows for magnifying the chart, but you are right in that the months at minimum or anywhere where the months congregate close together make it very hard to specify specific months of the year on the chart. A nice way to solve that would be to mark January with a unique color. As for replotting the chart, I have never done that kind of work. I would need to be shown how to do that.

      Then there is the big IF, as in am I actually seeing something that ties in with ocean dynamics or is my method just advanced wishful wiggle matching. The beginning of next year will setle that thought, one way or the other. Either way, It certainly helped focus my thoughts on solar interactions with Earth dynamics and that has helped me gain a bit of extra understanding. Thanks for stopping by.

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