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The Spirit of the Atlantic surveys his realm.

March 14, 2014

wv-l water spiritwv-l huricanewv-l intense water cell

I saw the outline of a face in the upper picture and named it the Water Spirit. The picture shown is from 36 hours prior to everyone seeing hurricane Sandy. If you look close you can see Sandy in its infancy. Note how it appears that the Water Spirit has its left arm outstretched and pointing right at where Sandy is being born. The other two pictures show the further development of Sandy.


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  1. I can even see the Flying Spaghetti Monster there, saying “I wish you wouldn’t …”

    • Maybe you could point out where the FSM is lurking. I can’t see it. Whereas the ‘face’ was a feature that caught my eye immediately upon looking at the page. Yes, it is coincidental.

  2. One further comment on the Water Spirit. Over the several years of my daily viewing of water vapor streams through the atmosphere, I had never noticed any form or shape of significance until about a month or so prior to seeing the shot posted above. The very first image that caught my attention was a view that I named the Blue Horse. It was a very good image of the body of a water vapor blue horse with only the neck and head in vague outline, but still easy to enough to visualize from viewing the body in it’s entirety and following the outlines for the neck and head. It is now 7 years since I started keeping track of the atmospheric rivers on a daily basis. The Blue Horse, which I will post here when I dig up the pic, and the Water Spirit are the only 2 pictures that ever caught my eye for holding meaning in the entire 7 years of multiple daily viewing of the streams.

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