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March 7, 2014 how this is only the 4th wettest winter that the UK has experienced, it seems disingenuous to think that statistics and or models will lead to a better understanding of the future vs combining modern maths with historical records and data. In this article the assumption is automatically made that this current wet cycle is induced by human aided changes to long term weather patterns. Yet looking at the long term data sets where it can readily be seen that heavier rainfalls have occurred in the past, how would this article then justify its position of human influenced changes in rainfall patterns? I agree that man has changed the landscape around the world, and I would also agree that those land use changes lead to regional changes in the water cycle and local temperature changes. Some of that will have some level of impact on the overall system. In the US, the Dust Bowl was a prime example of how man caused changes can combine with natural weather patterns to induce a much more severe event. There are also examples from thousands of years ago where nations detrimentally impacted their society through heavy land use changes. Aren’t we supposed to learn from the past?

Yet for some reason this article thinks that there is a need to leap to the conclusion that everything heading our way in the future will be catastrophic. That there is no question that every rain, every snowfall, every cold day, every hot day, every shift in the ocean and so on, has come under the influence of human changes to such a degree that there is a need for immediate reaction to abate the unknown future disasters. That makes no sense to me. Especially, as it should be obvious to all that the severe changes which some would like to implement will lead to large negative consequences for the population of this planet. The poorest of that population will be the ones to suffer first, if the radical changes which have been proposed are undertaken.


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