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soliton wave in the Pacific

February 28, 2014

what drives this wave. Is it an independent structure that could be driven by centripetal forces of the global spin and somehow becomes free from other oceanic forces and attractors? and I just looked up the word soliton, my brain functions are working.

Further thoughts. …so what would set this process in motion? How often do they occur?

ps…if anyone is wondering what this little post was about, it had to do with seeing someone use the word “soliton” wave in a post at WUWT. There was no definition given to the word, but there was a few clues that led me to think about what the process might entail. What I first wrote above was the first thoughts I had as I tried to define what the word could mean. Then I looked up the definition and saw that I had come to an accurate description of how a soliton wave worked, in large part. I actually had several other thoughts and they were also correct. Because I had looked up the definition prior to writing them down, I didn’t add them in with my first thought that starts this post.


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