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grand minimum

February 27, 2014

Interesting topic, I would rate the catastrophic global warming argument as the number one dangerous science fraud that we have ever been confronted with. The potential for harm to many is huge. There are two sides to this. The first is economic. The amount of money that is being wasted worldwide on the great climate unknowns is staggering. That same money could have been used in practical down to earth applications which would have benefited many, and would have continued benefits over time. As it is only a small portion of the money thrown at the climate change issue has real value. Most of it is wasted value.

The second looming danger stems from the strong probability that a solar grand minimum is near at hand, around 6 years away +/-. The Sun is currently showing changes that modern

technology has never witnessed before. This is a first for all of man,s great sensing equipment in space to record and then analyze. Here is the rub though. All major governments of the world are caught up in the catastrophic global warming lie. All of their efforts are thus faced in the wrong direction if a strong global cooling takes place. In the past these grand minimums have always led to hardship for mankind. With today,s technology and resources, there is no need for a grand minimum to be as serious a problem as it was 2 centuries earlier or in the ones prior where the event killed many due to crop disruptions, and the fact that cold is hard on life forms. Yet if we have our backs turned away from the potential for cooling, then the cooling can impact us with greater force. There are some people in the world who see this as a good thing in that it could lead to the deaths of many. To those people such a solar grand minimum leading to a reduction of worldwide population is seen as a blessing. To those who will suffer and lose their lives during such an event, they surely will not look upon it as a blessing. The big unknown is how deep will this next grand minimum be. This is an unknown factor. However there is reason to believe that it could reach a Maunder Minimum level of cold. Look up the Maunder Minimum to get some understanding of the consequences. One can also read about the other grand minima throughout history to see that society has been impacted by these events many times before. The fall of the Roman Empire happened during a gm. Napoleon,s massive army was defeated by the Dalton Minimum in the early 1800s as he marched through Russia. There were very few survivors to make it back to France. Interesting how these things work.


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